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{July 6, 2008}   The Baliwood Party

When my friend Bill and I decide to go out, we do it big. Thursday night we both decided that we wanted to hit downtown, Main St. in fact, and check out some clubs. It was destined to be an eventful night.

Bill picked me up at 10 PM Thursday and drove me to his friend’s house where we met up with three guys he knew from high school: Matt, Kyle, and Sam. From there, we all piled in one car and drove downtown. Somehow, we all managed to luck out. Parking was only $5, which is CHEAP for downtown Dallas on a weekend (ish) night. Once we got to the doors of the Ivy Lounge, two Hulk-sized Russian bouncers greeted us outside the ropes to check IDs. Thankfully, I managed to slide by with no Xs on my hands and without paying any cover charge. (Girls really do have it easy sometimes. Gotta love it!)

The five of us took the elevator to the fourth floor, which dropped us in the middle of the club. It was three levels, with each level lined with white leather couches, a center bar, and glass dj booth. We headed up to the rooftop party, where we then became attendees of the Baliwood Party, some 21st birthday for this Pakistani girl and 200 of her “closest” friends. The rooftop was beautiful. I wish I had brought my camera. There were palm trees adorning every twist and turn of the layout with white Christmas lights, and a small bridge leading over a river on the balcony side. From the roof we could see the lights of downtown Dallas and Main Street.

We started drinking from there, all of us buying rounds of shots for everyone in celebration of Matt’s 21st birthday. After six or so rounds of shots, hanging out with people from work, and running into some people from high school (awkward), we all ended up dancing and really enjoying ourselves. Unfortunately for Bill, the alcohol didn’t sit too well with him that night, and we had to jet when the place closed at 2 AM.

Hungry as hell, the five of us decided to hit up Denny’s around 3:30 because greasy food makes you feel better when you’re drunk/hungover. What should’ve been a painless drive turned sour when Bill threw up inside the car just outside the club and then out the window as we were driving down the highway. He spent the majority of the time we were eating at Denny’s in the bathroom, making friends with the drunkies that came in. After we left, I ended up driving his huge F150 to his house, causing his friend Sam to have to follow us and then drive me back home to West Plano at 5 AM. It was an awesome night, even if it may have hit my bank account harder than I thought it would. haha


Before my mom and I decided to hit the town Saturday night, we had a plan: Poor Richard’s Pub for some local alternative, get your blood pumping kind of music, then the Ivy Lounge on Main Street to get our dance on, and top off with The House of Blues jazz festival and desserts. But, despite our best intentions, we didn’t make the first two and ended up chilling at the House of Blues, listening to Ray J. Willie and his band sing and play the blues until the place closed. Saturday night reminded me of how much I adore live music. It heals the soul.

Below is the view of my mom in front of a small fraction of the Dallas Skyline around 1 AM on Sunday morning. Pic quality = sub par

This is an actual conversation I had on the phone today at work:

Me: [Energetic, peppy] Thanks for calling The Gap at Preston and Royal. This is Logan. How may I help you?

Crazed Woman: [With confused and bewildered tone, breathing quickly] YES! You callllled me!? Who is this?

Me: [Calmly, but somewhat confused] This is The Gap on Preston and Royal.

Crazed Woman: [Even more confused] GAP? How do you spell that?

Me: [Trying to contain my laughter] G-A-P.

Crazed Woman: [Interested like it’s some matter of national security] Now, what kind of store is this?

Me: It’s a retail store, ma’am.

Crazed Woman: [Like she just figured out that the moon isn’t made of cheese] Retail? What exactly do you sell?

Me: We sell men’s and women’s clothes, ma’am. Is there anything I can help you with?

Crazed Woman: No! You’ve done quite enough, thank you! [Click]

Sometimes I wonder how those kinds of people survive on a day-to-day basis.

{June 17, 2008}   Jams of the Month: Top 20

1. Travis “Sing”                                                      2. Leela James “My Joy”

3. Albert Hammond Jr. “Call an Ambulance”          4. Ani DiFranco “Not a Pretty Girl”

5. Beck “Go it Alone”                                             6. Bloc Party “She’s Hearing Voices”

7. Brendan Benson “Them and Me”                        8. The Cars “Just What I Needed”

9. Cat Stevens “Wild World”                                  10. Decemberists “Angels”

11. Devics “Just One Breath”                                12. Efterklang “Prey and Predator”

13. The Fratellis “Whistle for the Choir”               14. George Thorogood “One Bourbon, One Scotch…”

15. Interpol “Not Even Jail”                                   16. London Philharmonic “All My Love- Zeppelin Cover”

17. Neko Case “Star Witness”                               18. The Secret Handshake “Summer of ’98”

19. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin “Oregon Girl” 20. The Voyces “Relate to Me”

A few things have come to my attention these past few weeks being at home.

1. People are stupid. Drivers, shoppers, receptionists, everyone. I can’t tell you how many near accidents I’ve had because other people are being stupid or how many people I’ve run into who have no idea how to do their job. So bottom line, don’t expect much.

2. Summer is only cool if you are A) with a bunch of your friends or B) dreaming about it whilst in school. I would love to say that I’m having an amazing summer, but it has been mostly work and eating. I’m hoping to turn that around very quickly.

3. Air conditioning is amazing! After spending mere moments in the 95+ weather here in Dallas, walking to my car to drive to work (oh, and playing tennis with my mom), I am very grateful for air conditioning. Gold star to whomever concocted that baby up.

4. I miss my CoMO darlings and Matt very much. If my budget permits with these insane gas prices, I will be in Columbia in July, no questions asked.

{June 7, 2008}   Stupidity Tries

I attract the crazies part 2:

I stopped at Potbelly’s after work last Tuesday to get my tuna on wheat with an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Satisfied after my wonderful lunch, I pulled out of the parking lot to wait in the left-hand turn lane to get onto Park Ln (one of our big streets here). And, I swear it was only a matter of seconds before this crazy lady in her champagne-colored Cadillac decided to cause havoc.

She managed to drive into the oncoming traffic lane at the four-way stop behind the light, causing people to honk their horns as she plugged up the intersection. Then, slamming on her gas pedal, ran straight into the back of my stopped car while I was still sitting in the left-hand turn lane waiting to get onto the main road. Livid, I uttered a few choice words then got out of my car to check for damage and get her insurance information. In those couple seconds, she put her car in reverse, turned into the right-hand turn lane, and high-tailed it out of there before I had the chance to get her license plate number.

Luckily, there was no damage to my car at all. (Thank goodness). BUT, I did get pretty pissed. Just when you think things are turning around and the craziness is at bay for a while, some old woman decides to ram the back of your car and speed off into the distance. Ugh

I went bowling with a bunch of eighth graders: Jordan and her three friends and for some reason, let them all drink energy drinks before we got there. Very bad decisions.

Last night was an extravaganza of Ellett proportions. Pepper’s graduation from high school. The lovely Meyerson, where the Dallas Symphony Orchestra plays, is where her graduation was held Tuesday night. My mom, Jordan, and three of our closest family friends showed up to congratulate her. Skeptical on whether she would even show up, I didn’t get my hopes up. But, proving me wrong, Pepper surprised us, showed up, and did it “art school” style: gladiator sandals, gown, nothing underneath.

The ceremony was one of the most beautiful graduation ceremonies I have ever sat through. Every cluster from her arts magnet school performed: dance, theater, music, visual arts. It was a wonderful, moving ceremony (minus the giving of diplomas deal), and I even got the chance to see my grandma and my Aunt Judy and dad while I was there. Having our whole family back together again, though in separate parts of the symphony center, was such a nice treat for me.

The night progressed as the ladies all headed to Maggianos for some late-night Italian. Naturally, we shut the place down. After getting there at 10 PM, we didn’t end up leaving until 1 AM, an hour of which was spent trying to figure out how to get Pepper’s keys out of her locked car. Overall, it was a good night, but after waking up at 5:30 AM to go to work this morning, I can safely say that I wish we had left from dinner sooner. Congrats Peppi, and good luck at SMFA in Boston!

After spending the past four days in Orlando, Florida, I am now pleased to say that I am officially a UCF golden knight. =) The weekend started off on Thursday night when Matt’s brothers picked me up at the airport. We spent the rest of the night eating at Applebees then coming home to play video games and drink until about 3 AM. Friday was orientation with check-in at 8:30 AM. Matt’s brother, Danny, volunteered to come with me the entire day and be my family. He will always be one of my favorite people in the entire world. That was the sweetest thing anyone could do. We spent the entire day doing orientation business: get accustomed to campus, ID card (which is horrendous by the way), tours, sign up for classes, etc…All very exciting stuff.

The weekend really picked up when Matt came around five on Friday. The rest of the weekend consisted of drinking beer, playing video games, watching/going to movies, and laughing my ass off being with my boys. I ended up finding a LOVELY apartment in the Jefferson Village Complex. It’s brand new, wonderful amenities, shuttle to campus, great parking situation, good-sized bedrooms, 4-4, no application fees/security deposit, $200 gift card, just perfect. I have bedroom A on the floor plan. =) I have my own bathroom and a good-sized living room, so I’m expecting everyone to come visit!

Everything seems to be working out pretty well right now. Yes, there are still the pain-in-the-ass things like me having to jump through hoops to get my credits to transfer, but it’s all worth it. I am now back to working at the Gap on Preston and Royal and finally making some money. HOORAY! But, as for now, I’m exhausted and should be getting to bed soon. I miss all of you very much and hope your summers are going well.

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